Physical description

A pencil drawing on a paper fragrance advertisement. The front-side is a hand-drawn image of a sea lion(?) set against a white background. The sea lion is horizontally oriented on the paper; the head is positioned at the right edge of the page where the corners are squared, and the tail is drawn towards the left edge where the paper is rounded. Its teeth are bared, the eye is drawn inside an elongated diamond-shape, and small arches, drawn below and to the right of the eye, are shaded in with pencil. The side of the body is decorated with crisscrossing assemblages of grey lines in varying lengths and thicknesses. The right fore flipper is unshaded and is embellished with an ovoid, a shaded arch, a shaded tower-shape, and a crescent. The underbelly and back of the sea lion are outlined in pencil but remain white. A human skull is drawn at the base of the sea lion's body, below the tail. Four horizontal lines give definition to the hind flippers. A circle filled with foliage designs is imprinted to the left of the drawing where the left edge of the page is rounded; this is visible on both the front and reverse-side of the paper. The reverse-side of the paper is machine printed. The right edge of the paper is lined with a gold border. To the left, gold text encircles an image of a lion standing on a crown. In the center of the page, "Doulton" is printed horizontally in black ink. The circular foliage imprint is located at the left edge.