Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a hand-drawn image of a salmon on a white background. The drawing is horizontally oriented. A blue wavy line, representing the waterline, extends horizontally across the upper part of the page. The salmon is centrally positioned on the page. Most of the salmon is coloured in with green ink; the side of the salmon is decorated with crisscrossing assemblages of orange lines in varying lengths and thicknesses. The lateral line running the length of the body is decorated with a green crisscross design. The dorsal, pectoral, pelvic, anal, and the caudal fin of the salmon are white with a green border and a green dash pattern. A human-like being is drawn in orange ink in the bottom right corner of the bookmark; the being has a human-like face. Orange bubbles rise from its mouth. A human-like arm extends from the top of the being's head. The human-like hand, decorated with an unshaded ovoid, is drawn holding a black fishing line. A black-brown fishing hook and a small orange fish are drawn at the end of the fishing line. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed; the background is orange, and text is in red and black ink. At the top, an open cartoon book displays the bookstore's name, "Clifford's Wake." Printed below is the store's commercial information.