Physical description

A drawing on a tan coloured bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a horizontally oriented image of a whale drawn in black ink. The whale has a bird-like head with a large curved beak, a thin tongue and a thin, flat lower jaw. The whale's blowhole is decorated with an inverted face; air exits the blowhole and trails the length of the whale's body. The pectoral fin is wide and is mostly coloured in with black ink; the fin is embellished with a creature with an eye-shape(?) and teeth. The dorsal fin is decorated with an ovoid positioned between two tower-shapes. A small circle enclosed by a larger circle, is positioned on the underbelly of the whale between the pectoral fin and the tail. The base of the tail is decorated with a creature with an eye-shape(?) and teeth; each tail fluke is embellished with a thin tower-shape. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in brown ink. Printed on the far left is a crest with an owl perched on an open book. The remainder of the bookmark lists commercial information including the bookstore's name, "Gallowglass Books Ltd."