Physical description

A pencil drawing on a whitish grey coloured bookmark. The front-side of the bookmark is a horizontally oriented, hand-drawn image of a whale in profile. The whale is drawn in three level segments: the head, body, and tail. The head of the whale is rectangular in shape; the eye patch is a rectangular-shape drawn above the whale's open mouth. Where the head and body join, is a dip in the pencil outline along the back of the whale; extending outwards from the dip is the whale's dorsal fin embellished with one flattened crescent-shape. Extending from the eye patch is a line with a U-shaped dip that continues to the tail of the whale. The pectoral fin is square-shaped near the joint and rounded near the tail; a single vertical crescent-shape decorates the fin. The body narrows towards the base of the tail; the tail flukes are symmetrical and are both decorated with a single crescent-shape. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed in dark red ink. Along the top edge is the address and business hours of the bookstore, "Self Connection." A phone number is hand-written in black pen ink along the left edge of the bookmark near the bookstore's address. The slogan, "Helping People Help Themselves," is printed in italicized red font along the bottom edge.