Physical description

A drawing of a skull on a single-sided piece of paper. The top edge of the paper curves upwards; the right edge of the paper is longer than the left edge. The background of the drawing is decorated with criss-crossing assemblages of purple line patterns in varying thicknesses. In the forefront, a human skull is outlined in purple ink; the interior of the skull is white. The nasal and eye cavities of the skull are filled in with small crisscrossing assemblages of purple line patterns. An underlying dorsal fin extends from the top of the skull; a blowhole is drawn on the left side of the skull. Extending outwards from the upper jaw of the skull are two fins. The left fin is positioned just below the skull and is decorated with two ovoids. The right fin, drawn at the end of an appendage with a line pattern decorating the interior, is embellished by two creatures. The reverse-side of the drawing is blank.