Physical description

A pencil drawing of a killer whale on a machine-printed bookmark. Printed at the top, on the front-side of the bookmark, is "Mermaid Tales Bookshop" and the stores logo; a mermaid with a dark grey tail and black hair in a light grey circle. Positioned below in the white space of the bookmark is a hand-drawn image of a killer whale outlined in dark grey pencil. The interior of the whale head is decorated with white and light grey shapes and line designs. Triangular teeth line the upper jaw. A blowhole is drawn at the top of the whale's head; air, depicted as dashes, exits the blowhole and forms a swirl underneath the bookstore's name. Towards the rear of the head is a dorsal fin embellished with a white and dark grey ovoid, a white tower-shape, and a light grey asterisk. Underneath the head is a white oval with an elongated diamond-shape drawn in dark grey pencil. A pectoral fin, decorated with a light grey arch and asterisk, is drawn along the right edge of the bookmark. The upper pectoral fin joint is embellished with a small creature. Printed in black ink below the drawing is the bookstore's commercial information. On the reverse-side of the bookmark, a Chinese proverb and the bookstore's mermaid logo, is printed horizontally on the paper in black and light grey ink.