Physical description

A drawing on a blue coloured bookmark. The front-side is vertically oriented and is hand-drawn in pencil. The central drawing is a single killer whale with its mouth open; triangular teeth line both the upper and lower jaw. A blowhole at the back of the whale's head releases a stream of air. The body of the killer whale is formed of a pectoral flipper, a dorsal fin, and a tail. The pectoral fin is embellished with two unshaded tower-shapes. The dorsal fin is decorated with an elongated diamond, an oval with two intersecting lines, and two arches with a stripe patterns. The tail two tail flukes are symmetrical; between the flukes is a large unshaded oval with an elongated diamond inside. The reverse-side of the bookmark is machine-printed. Commercial information, including the bookstore's name, "The Phoenix Used and Rare Books," is printed in black ink.