Physical description

A drawing on a piece of paper. The front-side of the paper depicts a hand-drawn, vertically oriented image of a lightning serpent(?) with bared teeth. Yellow stars, of varying sizes, decorate the off-white background of the drawing. The serpent is outlined in grey and yellow pencil crayon; the backside of the serpent is lined with grey hair(?). The body is shaded in with green pencil crayon and decorated with blue, red, and yellow details. A blue snake-like creature extends from the serpent's nose; to the right is a red projection decorated with an elongated diamond-shape. Three tufts, outlined in grey and green, are drawn at the base of the serpent's head. Beneath its jaw is a human-like face with bared teeth; the forehead, nose and chin are coloured red, the brow is dark grey, and the area surrounding the eye is blue. In the bottom right corner is the artist's signature, a "M" with a line through it and two dots. The reverse-side is blank except for machine-printed blue lines running vertically down the page.