Physical description

A drawing on a single-sided piece of white paper. The drawing is vertically oriented. Drawn at the very top of the page is a partially submerged lightning serpent(?); the upper body of the creature is out of the water while the snake-like tail is submerged. Drawn beneath the serpent's mouth is a human-like figure descending headfirst into the water. To the left of the serpent's tail is another human-like figure, to the right of the tail is a human skull. Drawn under the tail are two more human-like figures; the right figure has male genitalia. Below the human figures is a heron(?) with a pointy beak and long neck; small bubble-like circles exit the heron's mouth. Beneath the heron is a vertically positioned seal(?) covered in fur and decorated with curving lines with intermediate dots. At the bottom of the page, a multi-limbed piece of kelp extends upwards from the seabed. The artist's signature, a "M" with a line through it and two dots, is in the bottom right corner. The reverse-side of the paper is blank.