Physical description

A drawing on a bookmark; the bookmark is comprised of two pages attached together at the top with an adhesive. On the front of the top bookmark, a background of horizontally oriented maple leaves is printed in gold ink. The front is decorated with a vertically oriented, hand-drawn image of an inverted lightning serpent(?); there are two creatures drawn in the interior of the serpent's body. A lightning bolt(?), with an interior creature extends from the lightning serpent's mouth towards the bottom of the bookmark. At the top there are three lines of handwritten text. At the bottom of the front bookmark is the artist's signature, a "M" with a line through it and two dots. The interior-side of the top bookmark is blank. The bottom bookmark is a machine-printed image of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park; a tree is in the center of the image, to the right the hotel is aglow, and a body of water is in the background. On the interior of the bottom bookmark, three lines from the anthem "O Canada!" are printed along the vertical plane.