Physical description

A drawing on a single-sided piece of white paper. The drawing is vertically oriented. At the top is a crescent moon-like being with a decorated eye patch, and a mouth. Protruding from coastal mountains is the head of a thunderbird(?) with an arrow extending outwards from its mouth. The mountains divide the scale of the images; the images above the mountains are distant and aerial, and everything below the mountains is at close range and is underwater. Just below the surface of the water is a harpoon tip on a rope; the rope has a single loop with a small human skull lightly drawn within the loop. To the right of the harpoon tip is a human-like being positioned headlong in the water; the human-like being is decorated with hair, dots descending down the neck, a small human skull on the forearm, and a rib-like pattern drawn on the torso. Kelp, intermixed with fifteen human skulls of varying sizes, extends from the head of the human-like being to the seabed at the bottom of the page. Within the kelp is a fish appearing to ingest a human skull. The fish body is decorated with curving lines with intermediate dots, and the tail fin is drawn as a human-like face. The artist's signature, a "M" with a line through it and two dots, is positioned in the bottom right corner. The reverse-side of the paper is blank.