Coin-Like Charm

About this object

History of use

Design similar to a coin, but not for circulation; design similar to a coin, but too large to circulate; not from the period it purports to be from. (Larson, David) The coin was attributed to a currency issued in 1107; however, the style of calligraphy is of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It can be used for display in a ritual context, used as archaistic ornament, or simply passed on to novice collectors as a rare coin. (Li, Min)

Iconographic meaning

The sun and moon are relatively common symbols on charms; however, if they appear during the Qing Dynasty, they can serve as reminders for a resistence movement against the Manchu regime. The character Ming consists of the sun and moon. (Li, Min)

Physical description

Round, square hole in centre, inner and outer rims on both sides, four Chinese characters on front, design of sun right, moon left on reverse.