About this object

History of use

In a general context, it might hang or be displayed in residences to prevent harmful forces; specifically, it might be obtained and used on May 5th, the major spring festival for preventing health hazards from insects, animals, and evil spirits.

Iconographic meaning

The figure on the reverse represents either Zhong Kui, a popular Daoist deity in charge of eliminating devils and evil spirits, or Taishang Laojun (Lao-tzu), the founder of Daoist philosophy, who was transformed into a powerful deity by the religious Daoist practitioners.

Physical description

Hanger shape on top of coin, hole in top, characters and pictorial designs on both sides; hanger at top, leaf curl pattern inside, on obverse, four characters at left, figure with sword right; reverse has hanger at top with leaf design, four characters at left on coin, figure at right with sword and sceptre.