About this object

Iconographic meaning

Fish represented is a supernatural halibut, indicated by the curled horns.

Physical description

Mask representing a supernatural halibut with curled ears, a protruding brow that comes to a rounded point between the eyebrows, a recurved nose, slightly protruding eyes and cheeks, and an upturned mouth with lips that come to a rounded peak at the centre and meet on either side of the centre midway from centre and sides. The mask is painted light grey with ears that have a black and red design on natural wood, black eyebrows, a black border that extends from below the eyebrows and over the chin, red nostrils and inner lips bordered in black with a read and black line above the upper lip, black scrolling designs around the mouth, and a black scalloped design representing gills on the cheeks. Pieces of off-white cotton fabric are attached to forehead. Wire attached to back with screw eyes.