About this object


From a collection of Northwest Coast inspired artwork produced by First Nations children at the Alert Bay Residential School during the 1968 to 1969 school year. The works were also part of an exhibition of student drawings, displayed at the Charles Sanderson Library in Toronto during 1970. They were also featured briefly by a local television station. Residential schools were operated by religious organizations and followed the regular provincial curriculum. The Alert Bay Residential School was operated by the Anglican Church of Canada. According to the Van Drielens, art was discouraged at the School because 'they couldn't make a living at it'.

Cultural context

student art

Physical description

Cut out, right facing, profile squatting figure in red and white on a light yellow-white card glued to a horizontally rectangular, black cardboard. Large head at the top with a crest. Small head on the back with a series of three ovoids to a fluked tail. Arms and legs end in two digits. Design elements are outlined in red felt pen and some shapes (u forms, ovoids, etc) are filled in in red with some white outlining. Covered with clear plastic.