About this object


The De Wreede collection was collected over a 2 year period in which the De Wreede's were mostly in Sierra Leone, and partly in Nigeria.

Cultural context

clothing; covering; furnishings

Specific techniques

Resist dyed indigo cloth. The technique was developed in Senegal, in Southern Nigeria among the Yoruba, and in Sudan among the Hausa. Cloths of this type are made by men who apply starch through stencils. They are dried, then dyed in pits or large pots. When the starch is removed the pattern remains.

Physical description

Rectangular cloth with dark indigo blue ground and light blue patterns divided into smaller rectangles by strips of thin parallel lines, repeated three wide by six long. Patterns alternate between birds with prickley greens, and other representational shapes. Two ends have a wide hem, one side has a narrow hem.