Book Cover

About this object


The maker, place and date made refer only to the beadwork cover. The inscription on the back of the front cover reads: "Chauwutla[?] Indian Residential Mission School, Carcrass, Yukon 1963-1964". An inscription on the first inset page reads: "Margaret Logan - Cover made by Mrs. Edith Henderson, wife of Patsy Henderson, Chief--and founder of gold in Bonanza Creek". Patsy Henderson was said to have been with a group in 1896 who were one of two claims to have discovered gold on Rabbit Creek (then renamed Bonanza Creek), that started the Yukon gold rush.

Physical description

A brown leather book cover, covering a bible. The cover has a beadwork design on the back consisting of a white x-shape on a blue background, and the sides are edged with blue and clear beads.