joeb-sun (Folding Fan)

About this object

History of use

Such fans were made by masters organized into guilds. They were used by people of any class, and of any age. Boys and girls, men and women all used them, although they were used more by women than men. Special small ones were made for children. Members of the official “Yangban” class also used folding fans, as did some women. Plain white fans were used in ordinary daily life.

Physical description

A closing fan made of twenty-six flat bamboo ribs lacquered dark brown with tapering end pieces of natural colour bamboo. Edges of the ribs curve inwards just below the point where they reach the paper cover of the fan, which is white. Fan is held together with a brass rivet that has a small ring on one side. Rivet is set into wooden ends of a slightly darker colour, which flare outward at the base.