Shadow Puppet

Physical description

Shadow puppet of a figure wearing an elaborate black, gold and red headdress. At the back of the headdress there is a red demon-like face. The black and gold elements of the headdress have scalloped edges and holes cut out of them to mimic fine metalwork. The figure’s face is in profile, facing right. He has a long black sideburn and a thin black mustache. His eyes and tongue are painted red. The figure’s skin is white. His chest is bare save for a large gold chest piece with red jewels that wraps around his neck and then extends down his torso to attach to the folds of his skirt. Around each of the figure’s upper arms and forearms, he wears gold bracelets and a gold ring on each hand. The upper arms, forearms and hands of the puppet are separate pieces of skin attached with small nails. The nails at his wrists also attach the puppet’s arms to wooden sticks, with movable joints in his arms. There is a stick attached to the front of the object and one attached to the back. The skirt is green, red, blue and gold with black stripes adorning them. The skirt wraps around his right thigh, lower than it does on his left leg. Yellow thread attaches a large dark brown stick to the middle of the puppet on the front and back side. The stick is pointed at the bottom end.