Physical description

Small round black hat with colourful striped applique covering the front side. Domed metal ornaments stitched with purple thread form three vertical lines at the top of the hat. The two outside lines have a silver bell hanging from them and the centre line has a round silver coin hanging from it with embossed characters and grass (?) design. Below are two vertical lines of white beads with two metal domes, two cowrie shells, and one metal piece in between. Underneath are three flowers composed of white tube-shaped beads for petals and silver domes for the centres. A row of small white round beads lines the bottom edge of the hat. Three strands of white beads with alternating brown bean-shaped beads hang from either side of the hat, forming a loop under the wearer's chin. The top of the hat also features these loops of beads with alternating brown flat beads, which hang down the back of the hat. The top of the hat is covered in purple-pink feathers.