joeb-sun (Folding Fan)

About this object

History of use

Folding fans were used by members of the official “Yangban” class, and sometimes by women of other classes. Korean folding fans were very well-made, and were exported to China and Japan during the Koryo and Chosun Periods. Some had a large number of fine ribs.

Iconographic meaning

The light coloured oiled paper indicates that this fan was used by a male scholar.

Physical description

A closing fan made of twenty-eight smooth flat ribs of split bamboo narrowing where they are attached to the fan of yellow brown oiled paper. A curvilinear design is burned on the base of each side of each rib. End pieces of the fan are strips of bamboo with the nodes prominent and a design burned on of dots and curvilinear motifs. Handle of the fan is of black wood fastened by a metal rivet with a small ring on one side.