gana' gweya' hon (Mask)

About this object

History of use

Reproduction (made for sale to tourists)of a Whirlwind mask. A Whirlwind mask would have been hung outside the home, not worn; it divides strong winds to the east (red) and west (black). According to the 1969 Iroqrafts tag, the maker of the mask was (approx. spelling) "Gana'gweya'hon" (Covered with Down) from the Wolf clan of the Cayuga nation.


Removed from display in 1997. This mask was sold as a tourist item from 'Iroqrafts' (Iroquois Crafts & Arts store on the Six Nations Reserve) however many members of the community believe that any false face items should not be displayed to the public, so it is currently treated as culturally sensitive and not displayed.

Physical description

False face mask. One side is red, the other is black.