About this object

History of use

These prayer beads lack the traditional 108 beads usually used. The spacer beads strung at unequal intervals seems to indicate that the string has been broken and re-strung. Each small beads counts for one prayer sent heavenwards. The larger wooden beads usually occur at equal intervals, and count one's prayer to a specific deity. When the worshiper comes to a red bead he offers a prayer of puna to a special deity. At the knot their are usually 3 beads representing Buddha, dharma and sangha, but in this string the 3 are represented in one. Each of the 10 white beads on the appendage is moved when the worshipper has gone around the string 10 times. Traditionally there is one on the opposite side for hundreds.

Cultural context

prayer beads

Physical description

A string of beads with groups of small dark brown wooden beads divided at intervals by a twelve single brown beads of a larger size. Coral-coloured beads (four ceramic and one wooden) are interspersed. The division of beads shows no regular pattern. Ten little white glass-like beads are strung on as an appendage. One large brown wooden bead is at the knot.