Timeless Journey

About this object

Cultural context

contemporary art

Iconographic meaning

Salmon are said to be capable of assuming human form, and are often associated with twins.

Physical description

Circular glass spindle whorl (a) with an etched, carved and polished surface. The centre of the whorl has a small hole which the wooden spindle fits into. The outer edge of the spindle whorl is carved with layers of jagged lines. The image of four intertwined salmon is carved on the surface of the whorl. The artist's entwined initials and 10/10 94 is etched onto a small area on the surface of the whorl. The spindle is constructed of two pieces of wood (b-c). One of them (b) is a slightly tapered round stick of wood which is pointed at one end and hollowed out at the other. The other portion of the spindle (c) is a slightly tapered stick with one pointed end. the other end is smaller circular carved rod of wood.