Spindle Whorl

Physical description

83 spindle whorls, with different incised designs. Group a: thirteen whorls with two semioval incisions, dots in the interior and between designs. Group b: six whorls with incised semioval design, interior has two incised dots in horizontal position and two between designs in vertical position. Group c: eight whorls with incised semioval design; three dots in the interior and dots between designs. Group d: thirty two whorls with three vertical painted lines in red; Group e: five whorls with semioval incised designs, two vertical lines in the interior and traces of red paint. Group f: six whorls with incised circles and dots in the interior. Group g: eight whorls with round shapes. Group h: two whorls: one has a triangular shape and incised dots divided by vertical lines; the other has the same characteristics, but rounded. Group i: three whorls, one has traces of red paint, semioval incised designs and one short vertical line on top of a horizontal line in the interior; the second has round semioval incised designs; the third has three perforated holes. Some in the set are slightly broken; most show wear.