About this object

History of use

Used for carrying a baby.


The donors said this basket was left at the Williams Lake Hospital by a woman from the Chilcotin band, sometime between 1970-72, intended for a new mother in the hospital. However it was never used and was left behind. The hospital kept the basket until 1976 but the owner never returned for it, so they decided to donate it to a museum.

Physical description

Rectangular basket of skin stretched over a wooden slat frame. Slats are round with strips of cotton and cotton cord. Cardboard is set into the bottom between the skin and the slats. Yellow, orange, and black floral print cotton is stretched over the outside frame and tied with skin strips to the inside of the frame. Two red-patterned, cotton flannel squares are tied to the frame bottom to form a bundling blanket that laces up with a blue and purple wool ? string. Two blue, green, and white floral print, quilted carrying straps, one at each end. Wood handle is looped over the top and tied to the sides by skin strips. A skin and string lace runs end to end and loops over the handle. At the wider end, three items are pinned to the cloth, from bottom to top; a Christian medal, a strip of loom woven beadwork of red, orange, blue, and yellow, and a blue glass brooch.