kaayd hllngaay daajing (Hat)

About this object

History of use

Plain and decorated hats were worn by both men and women. Gave protection against sun and rain; waterproofed by tight weave. Basketry hats of high-ranking individuals were painted with their crest figures. Many highly valued hats ornamented with rare materials and having unique forms, were exhibited only on ceremonial occasions. Hats with crests and other ornaments were statements of the individual's rank.

Iconographic meaning

Eagle is crest figure for Haida Moiety.

Physical description

Hat made of woven spruce root with a narrow round crown that has a large, gently flaring brim. Painted with an eagle design in an expansive design: black form lines, and red secondary lines. The eagle's bisected body is spread around the brim and two eagle head profiles, one on either side of the crown, are accompanied by corresponding wings on the brim. The beaks and wing tips almost touch at the front. At the back of the brim are spread tail feathers. The crown and its top is woven in plain twined weave. The top is thicker root for a larger weave, and has a painted diamond-shaped design with alternating black and red sides. The brim is woven in a diamond-twilled design or series of concentric diamonds covering the entire surface. The rim is finished off with braiding. The inner rim is in a twilled weave for fitting the hat firmly to the wearer's head.