longyi (Sarong)

About this object

History of use

Worn by a woman. The longyi always has a band at the top that is normally bias. This one is not. When brocaded, horizontal-striped sections are worn at back. Longyi are not tied but have front pleat folded then rolled like a stocking. Worn with blouses like 694/12 or 694/15, and a white scarf wrapped around head. Woven on a back strap loom.

Physical description

Full-length skirt of black faille weave cotton has band of thinner cotton cloth stitched to the top. Midway down, thick transverse band of alternating sections of marron then beige stripes with pink, yellow, and white interspersed. Central in design and stitched over a join is line of maroon embroidery sections alternating with other colours. Below thin cotton section, transverse set of lines in white, yellow and maroon form a band. Lower portion of skirt is embroidered acrylic (?) in sections of vertical evenly-spaced rows, each a joined diamond design in alternating yellow, maroon, pink, green, and white. Also, zigzag motifs include three vertical lines and sections of horizontal bands predominantly maroon with other colours interspersed.