About this object

History of use

Carries everyday possessions such as a pipe or spinning supplies.

Physical description

Red wool brocade on black cotton fabric in diamond pattern; two pieces stitched together. One side has five horizontally placed silver cup-shaped ornaments, opening sewn facing inward, each with five long three-dimensional triangles suspended on two levels by chain. Central fabric of bag folded upwards from base. Two ends of looped strap done in red brocade to form sides of bag are folded inward by doubling strap over. This causes two seams on either bag face to occur centrally, and black strap to have double thickness. Ends finished by adding band of white weft lines then unravelling black fabric and twisting two strands each to form tassels. Along top, colourful embroidered crosses occurring four on each bag face, and spaced yellow weft lines, all horizontally placed. Silver is tarnished and one cup has only two triangles suspended from it.