About this object

History of use

This blanket differs from the traditional Navajo designs, in colour and size. Handspun by spindle. During the early 1800s, English baize or flannel blankets brought by the Spanish were unravelled, respun, and rewoven, or machine-spun Saxony yarn was acquired and dyed. The dominant colour was cochineal dyed red, and also white, blue, and black. Stripes and terraced diamonds were the most common design elements. Zigzag designs were common in the 1860's and 1870's.

Physical description

Blanket with bilaterally symmetrical central light brown motif with six hooked elements in light brown with an off-white border and two iscosceles trapezoids in grey at the centre. The centre has a slit in warp direction that is sewn closed. The dark brown ground surrounding the central motif has two of its sides in a zigzag pattern and is bordered in off-white. The blanket's ends are alternating light brown stripes with dark brown and beige followed by one dark brown and one beige band.