Grandmother with Ulu

Physical description

Vertically rectangular print on off-white paper. Image is a standing, forward-facing woman in traditional Inuit dress, holding a yellow ulu knife with a brown handle in her right hand. Simply drawn face in grey, with linear facial tattoos (three horizontal lines cross the nose; five lines radiate out in a fan-like shape from the bottom of the mouth; and three lines on each side radiate out from the top of the nose across the forehead). Hands and feet are bright orange. Clothing is roughly coloured in brown; bottom tip of parka is outlined in yellow. Inuit syllabics appear in a vertical row at the right of the figure. Edition 2/40. Inscription in pencil under image, giving title, edition, date and artist names. Bottom right corner has the yellow Baker Lake 'bow and arrow' printing symbol, Inuit syllabics in pencil, as well as a blind embossed stamp.