About this object


Originally belonged to D. Hawkins family. It hung on a cedar bark neck ring worn by Q!uminuwagas. This was a dance that came originally from Bella Bella: Hilhdzaqw. It was last used in a potlatch in 1920. (T.E.H. March 19, 1963, D. Hawkins, 1966). This came through marriage from Gilford Island to Kingcome Inlet in about 1926. This was the marriage of B. Willie's niece (B. Willie, 1966).

Physical description

Ornament in the form of a skull that is missing the lower jaw. The forehead and nostrils are green, the temples and lower cheeks are purple, the eye sockets are blue, and the upper lip as well as the rims of the eyes and the peaks of the cheekbones are white. On the reverse side of the lip, there is a metal nail with a fibre fragment attached.