About this object


This carving is one of the early Inuit carvings, from Northern Quebec/southern Baffin Island, made when James Houston encouraged Inuit people to make carvings. The donors purchased it at the Quest Gallery in 1950-51.

Physical description

The bowl is in the shape of a square with rounded outer and inner edges and has one corner that extends approximately half the depth of the overall piece that is solid stone. On one corner of the bowl, there is a small bird figure that is brown in colour. Directly opposite to this, there is a larger bird figure attached to the solid extension of the dish's corner. On the outer wall directly between the two bird figures are Inuit symbols etched onto the bowl's surface. On the outer wall, to the right of the symbols is a human face in relief. The outer wall that stands in direct opposition to the two bird figures has two branch-like etches on its surface that are light brown in colour, one has six prongs and the other has four prongs. Around the entire outer rim of the bowl is a solid light brown etched line that is approximately .5 cm from the top of the bowl.