Physical description

Rectangular calendar print depicting Ganesha, Shiva and Parvati seated with a white bull, Nandi, lying in front. Ganesha is wearing a red dhoti, white and blue beaded necklace, along with a red and gold crown. He is holding an object in all four of his arms. Shiva is wearing a yellow dhoti with tiger skin around his waist, red and white garland along with many beaded necklaces. He has a topknot in his hair which spouts a white liquid. Parvati is wearing a red and gold sari with a gold crown. The Himalayas are in the background. Calendar from A & F Harvey, Madura Mills Co., Ltd.. Calendar months are printed around the outer edge. Various company labels are at top and bottom. Metal strip runs along bottom edge. Back of calendar has long text passage printed on it titled 'Sri Sankara'.