punning galle (Skirt)

About this object

History of use

The 'punning galle' is the most common type of galle in the Padem-Minyong section of the Adi tribes. Women wear this fabric rectangle wrapped around the lower half of their bodies secured by tucking in the corner at the waist. The most important part of the material culture of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh is weaving. There is an intensely personal nature to the clothing which is made by a family for its own use. Weaving is associated with many taboos which vary from group to group. It is considered dangerous to talk about clothing or to wear something worn by another person. Clothing is usually buried with its owner.

Cultural context

worn by women

Iconographic meaning

The design on the 'pore' (bold centre stripe) is called 'amik' or eye.

Physical description

Dark red cotton rectangle skirt with a series of fine yellow and green woven stripes horizontally across the fabric in the middle and along the edges. Running vertically in the centre is a woven chevron pattern in yellow, green, dark red, black and white.