About this object

History of use

For storing liquids.


Cypro-Geometric III.

Cultural context

funerary gift

Physical description

Small yellow-buff jar (amphoriskos) with two handles. The jar is made of very fine-grained light clay, hard-fired with a few small dark grits and white limestone particles. The broad body sits on a ring foot with a short pedestal. The shoulders slope in sharply to a short wide cylinder-shaped neck and a wide mouth with flat, slightly everted rim. The two flattened strap handles are attached to rim and shoulders. The designs are brown-black matt paint mottled in the interior to a dark red-brown. Decoration consists of six thin concentric lines on lower half of body and a broad band around bottom. There are two narrow bands on neck and three on flattened top surface of rim. The foot, handles and inside of neck are solid brown.