About this object

History of use

For cult or funerary purposes.


Cypro-Archaic II. The Boeotian shield is very uncommon in a figure. A round shield is the norm.

Physical description

Warrior of grey-buff clay with distinctly greenish tinge, full of white limestone particles and dark grits, imparting to the surface a speckled appearance, and fine silver mica. Greyish white slip, dark red and black paint, thin and matt. Bearded standing male with cylindrical body, splayed base. A tall oval shield of Boeotian type with concave side margins and three bosses in a vertical row is on left arm. In raised right hand is a sword. On head is a helmet with nose piece and tall crest. Helmet, shield and sword made and applied separately. Two holes for suspension in base and one through helmet. Crest is decorated with red squares outlined in black. Rest of helmet red. Facial features and beard painted black. Crossing red bands over chest. Sword is red. Lower half of body has concentric bands of black in various widths and one broad band of red. Linear decoration and stipples in red and black on shield. Shield glued back on figure.