Basketry Cradle

About this object


Made by a woman from the Mount Currie reserve, after she became friends with the donor's mother, while they were both giving birth in the Squamish hospital in March of 1956. The two cradles (2739/1-2) were made for Lila Harrison's two daughters, but they were stored in a trunk and never played with. The Harrison family was living in Britannia Beach at the time. Family members of Margaret Lester felt that the cradles could be attributed to Margaret Lester because one of them had an almost identical cradle made for her own daughter by Margaret, and because they knew a relationship had existed between Margaret and Lila Harrison.

Physical description

Doll-sized basketry cradle. Red and light yellowish strips of bark are woven into the basketry on outer sides in a repeating step pattern. A light colored, curved wood handle is tied on near the head of the cradle with strips of soft rawhide and several more strips are knotted on at either end and inside.