The Gita (the Song of the Supreme Being)

Physical description

A thirty-two page colour story book titled 'THE GITA (The Song of the Supreme Being)'. Published by B. R. Anada with the first edition in 1984 and a reprint in 1990. Retold by R. S. Nayak with the English version by P. K. Trivedi and art done by Chandra Trivedi and Rajnee Vyas. The work is about the story of God's incarnations to save mankind: 1 - as a fish in a flood, 2 - as a tortoise to get the good gods and the wicked demons to work together by churning the ocean to obtain gifts, 3 - as a wild boar to lift off the mud, 4 - as a lion to defeat a demon, 5 - as Vaman, 6 - as Parashuram, 7 - as Rama, 8 - as Krishna, and 9 - as Buddha with 10 to be Kalkri on a white horse with a lightning sword. The main story is about his eighth incarnation as Krishna persuading Arjuna to fight for justice despite the expense of his kinsmen in the Great Battle of Mahabharata that lasts for eighteen days.