About this object


One of a set originally painted in a spiral drawing book while Mungo Martin was in a Vancouver hospital in 1951.

Iconographic meaning

Represents Crooked Beak of Heaven.

Physical description

Hoq hoq mask in red and black on a white background. Painted on a page of a spiral drawing book. The head is in profile and is facing to the right side. The circular black pupil and eye are surrounded by a black oval that is pointed at both ends. There is a thick black brow above that has an elongated u form along the upper back with three pairs of red dashes along the upper front. Behind the eye, there is a red oval with sideways elongations. The elongated black and red dashed snout curves over and downward toward the middle of the open red mouth. The red nostrils are flanked by three sideways red u forms outlined with black ones. Behind the back of the mouth, there are two sideways black u forms. There are four elongated, inverted red shapes decorated with three pairs of black dashes along the top of the head, from which red lines emanate. Red spots drip down from the bottom back of the head. Pen on the top left corner reads a word for 'one of the hamatsa masks'. The painting is horizontally rectangular.