About this object


Acquired through marriage of Harry Mountain's father to a woman from Rivers Inlet.

Iconographic meaning

Identified as Huxhukw of Atlakā€™am (Mungo Martin, 1952).

Physical description

Large, carved Atlakim Hokhokw mask with a long beak, a high black bridge with a braided cedar cord running along the edge. The nose is ovoid shaped and painted red and black with white s-shape outlined in black behind it. The beak is long and painted black with a red mouth and white detailing. The beak is hinged with pieces of leather nailed to either side. The eyes are white, outlined in black, on a white ovoid shaped background; brow is black. Around the back of the eye are white s-shapes outlined in black. The inside of the mask is hollow with the exception of a twine fragment. The top has short pieces of cedar creating a fringe. The mask is painted black, red, and white with stylized designs.