Physical description

Drawing on horizontal rectangular sheet of ivory paper of an igloo camp. In the background are hills with three inuksuk's just visible, one on top of each of the mounds. In the foreground are a number of snow houses in various states of repair. To the bottom left a snow house is being constructed. In the middle left a person is just finishing the entrance of a snow house. A sled rests against the porch and a pair of boots are on sticks to dry. To the right is a small igloo with the roof being patched. In front of this igloo is a sled upside down on snow blocks. To the right is a larger house - dogs are lying curled up in front of the house and on the roof are a kakivak, a snow shovel, a harpoon and a sled. To the right is a snow house with a kakivak and a harpoon on the roof. Next door is a house with an overturned sled on the roof and dogs curled up in front of the house. A man stands in front of the house with his hands above his head. To the right is the final snow house with a collapsed roof. Two people are looking inside the collapsed house and a sled sits beside it.