hanten (Jacket)

About this object

History of use

Hanten (袢纏, also written as 半天, 袢天, 半纏) is casual wear and there are different styles of hanten for different uses. It is worn as a winter jacket/coat, a workman’s jacket, by traditional shopkeepers or during a festival. It is not worn over a kimono.

Iconographic meaning

Inscriptions: 保戸山家 Hotoyama-ke (Hotoyama family)

Physical description

Dark blue shirushi banten (印半纏), a type of hanten (袢纏, also written as 半天, 袢天, 半纏), also known as happi (法被, 半被). There is a wide blue band around the neck and down the centre opening. On the centre opening band are white Japanese characters and short ties. The short sleeves are tapered. On the upper back there is a family crest or kamon (家紋) known as mokkō-mon (木瓜紋) in the shape of a cut surface of uri (oriental melon). The upper inside is lined with light blue fabric.