About this object

Cultural context

Contemporary art.

Iconographic meaning

Goddess Durga known as "Amba-Bai" in Maharashtra.

Physical description

Poster depicting a female figure seated on a lion with a man beside her and one below the lion, as well as the severed head of a bull at the bottom, all against a blue background. She has 18 arms and is wearing a pink sari with a gold jeweled headdress and necklaces. She is also wearing a white, green, yellow and pink garland around her neck. From top to bottom, her right hands hold a disc, a piece of rope, a trident, a sword, an arrow, a flower, a mace, and a sword. From top to bottom, her left hands hold a conch, a burning bowl, a bow, the hair of the standing man's head, his neck, his chest, and his hand, which is holding a sword. The lion is eating the reclined man at his feet, who has fangs and is holding a sword in one hand, and a grey shield in the other.