Physical description

Image of the deity Krishna standing on the right side with his right arm in an outward gesture while his left hand is resting at his hip and the person Arjuna is kneeling before him on the left side with his hands clapsed in a prayer-like gesture. A bow, a quiver of arrows, and a shield are lying on the ground behind them. Krishna is pale blue-skinned and is wearing a jewelled gold headdress that has a peacock feather at the top. Krishna is wearing a yellow lower garment with a green belt and a pink scarf. There is a red-yellow halo-like circle behind his head. Arjuna is wearing a yellow lower garment with a red belt and a blue cape. A chariot with the four white horses facing to the left side and an army of elephants is in the background. Above, there is an image of nine snake heads over twenty deity heads with twelve arms each holding various objects. The sky is red. In white, along the upper edge, there is foreign writing script. The poster is vertically rectangular.