About this object


A family crest of Pam Holloway's family.

Physical description

Image of a metallic bronze-coloured bird (Qulus, or Kolus, the younger brother of the Thunderbird) with wingtips almost touching and legs outspread at the sides. The bird's head is in profile and is facing to the left side. Its circular black eye is surrounded by a metallic bronze-coloured tapering oval surrounded by a black area with a thick metallic bronze-coloured head above. Has a sideways split u crest on top of the head. There are ovoids at the wing joints, tail joints, and the centre of the open claws. The chest has metallic bronze-coloured u form feather outlines. The wings each have eight feathers with two sets of three vertical dashes and a split u. The tail has four feathers with one set of three vertical dashes anda split u. Black background. Pencil inscription along the bottom of the black background reads 'Pam Holloway 94 109/145 "Qulus"'. The print is on a horizontally rectangular, white piece of paper.