Ravens in Nest

About this object


In the 1970's the artist created a series of abstract paintings on mahogany plywood. Three of the images - Killer Whale, River Monster, and Canoe-- were produced as serigraphs. Ravens in Nest is the fourth in the series to be produced as a print, specifically to raise money for the artist when he was suffering from cancer toward the end of his life.
Series of 80. This copy is the Museum Proof, which was printed in addition to the numbered prints.

Physical description

Print is an abstraction or stylization of three raven heads with beaks pointing upward in the foreground and abstract forms in the background. Two ravens are facing each other and their beaks overlap. The third is facing the other two and its beak borders the head of its neighbour. Background is a pattern of three lines of split u-forms in blue, red, and black. Design has a wide red border. Pencil inscription along the bottom edge: MP Ravens In Nest 05 Cranmer. Vertically rectangular print, on light brown paper.