The Ramayana for Children Part 2

Physical description

A thirty-one page colour story book titled 'THE RAMAYANA FOR CHILDREN PART 2'. Published by B. R. Anada with the first edition in 1982, a sixth revised edition in 1988, and a reprint in 1993-1994. Retold by Ratilal. S. Nayak with the English version by T. M. P. Nedungadi and art done by Rajnee Vyas. The work is about the story of Ravana's sister's, Shoorpanakha, pursuit of Rama. Ravana uses a trick with a deer to abduct Sita. Rama and Lakshmana's search for Seeta. Hanuman helps them and there is a great battle. Rama and Seeta are reunited. Rama has his coronation. Sita becomes pregnant and her purity is called into question again so that she is exiled again. She gives birth to her twin sons, Lava and Kusha. Her sons fight for the emperor's horse with Hanuman who is released by Sita. Rama accepts Sita's purity but Sita returns to mother Earth at her request with Rama having to bear the personal grief to be a model king.