Lunch Basket

About this object

History of use

According to Sto:lo basket makers this is the type of basket that would have been used for picnics or for packing lunches into.

Cultural context

basketry; storage

Iconographic meaning

The designs that decorate the surface of this basket are known as cluster of flies.

Physical description

Basket with cedar root slat foundation and coiled elements of cedar rootlet. Lid is attached with rawhide thongs. Simple interlocking coiled work with bifurcated stitches with a parallel slat base and lid. Base with graduated parallel reinforcement stitches, and lid with one continuous slat around circumference. Decorated with beading in red and black-dyed cherry bark. Base has flange and is decorated with partial beading. The partial beading consists of vertical groupings of diamond shapes, each consisting of four smaller diamond shapes. There are three groupings, which alternate red/black, on the lid and front and back sides of the basket (one on each edge side).