Storage Basket

About this object

History of use

Storage basket.


Yale Museum Curator, Jennifer Iredale, noted (2002) that the Yale Museum has a basket (994.1.1) with similar designs that was previously owned by Spuzzum Elder Annie York, who attributed it to Annie Lee of Spuzzum. Since the designs on the basket at the Yale Museum and this one are uncommon, this basket has also been attributed to Annie Lee as a possible maker. According to documentation in the file, this basket was collected before 1910 in the Fraser River area.

Cultural context

basketry; plant technology; storage

Iconographic meaning

The horizontal zigzag design is known as mountains or mountain chain.

Physical description

Rectangular basket with splint foundation and coiled elements of cedar root. Fully imbricated in grass with red and black cherry bark. Foot is beaded in red cherry bark in three coiled rows. Slat bottom. Has steel handles. Fully imbricated and beaded. Designs in black and red cherry bark that consist of zigzags that stretch to the full height of the basket in black/red/black. Also diamonds in red and black with geometric shapes in between.